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With 70 million international users, it’s on its way.Moreover, its appeal cuts across nationalities and socioeconomic classes.

Indeed, for the first few months of its existence, a QQ account was the only method by which users could register for a We Chat account.

Baidu, the operator of China’s most popular search engine, famously tried to take its game to Japan, only to flop.

Can We Chat reverse this trend and beat out Whats App and Line?

What’s next for China’s homegrown blockbuster, whose rivals include Silicon Valley’s Whats App, Japan’s Line, and Korea’s Kakao Talk?

Its future hinges on the answer to two questions: in Chinese) began as an instant messenger for mobile devices and has developed into a multi-function mobile communications and social networking platform, or what Pando Daily’s Hamish Mc Kenzie refers to as “a social network and uber-communications platform.” My context China colleague Lilac Peterson recently offered a close look at all of its different features.

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