Plesk 9 5 awstats not updating

This is not an all-encompassing solution for your entire website, but it does partially solve the issue.If your website delivers static content like media files, images, or other files, you can use a CDN with built-in geo tools to block access to certain countries. Read the details page and scroll to the section titled ‘Geo Restriction’.TIP: If you are interested in going the .htaccess route anyway, and want to get an accurate, ‘right from the source’, daily updated list of IPs by country, you might start by reading what this guy has done to automate things. You can get much more advanced, such as limiting based on what protocol is used, but this is the basic idea. The two main types are: A bare metal or VPS is a machine that you have complete control over.

Web admins will rarely block an IP simply because that IP did naughty things once.A shared server typically comes with a control panel, but you can’t enable networking controls, which would then affect the other websites hosted on the shared server with the same IP.At best, a control panel will let you easily add IPs to a firewall, or allow editing of .htaccess, but I’ve not seen one with one-click controls to block traffic by country.I have not found a host that has country blocking as part of its default plan and configuration.At best they give you a basic firewall for adding IPs to blacklists or whitelists.

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These might be a Digital Ocean Droplet or a bare metal server from In Motion Hosting or Rackspace for example.

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