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It was just the two of us -- Mom and me -- at home, from the time I was ten.

Because of that, I learned, early on, about helping with the laundry, cooking, housekeeping, and yard work.

"That went quite well, all things considered," Patsy commented, once Mandy and I had concluded telling all of them the family history, and the kids had left for the evening.

I was surprised at the ease with which the kids had accepted the story I related, about their mother's and my true relationship.

Some readers will recognize this story as having been posted previously, under the title, "Amanda." That first version had some major errors, which led to difficulties with the later story line.Mandy, Patsy (my mother), and Junior (my dad) had all helped fill in the blanks as Mandy's and my true relationship was revealed to our children, for the first time. "After all, I know it had to be a real shock to them, findin' out about us." "Why do you say that? "After all, those kids have all been raised seein' the strong, deep, love you two have for each other, displayed all the time.Not only that, they've always felt the love both o' you have, for them.You've always tried to raise 'em to be honest and truthful, and you really showed 'em honesty and truthfulness today." "He's right, Baby," Mom interjected."Your children respect you even more now, 'cause o' your honesty." We continued to sit on the covered back porch, overlooking the pool, enjoying the early evening, and chatting idly about the events of the day, relaxing over a final cup of coffee, until Mom and Dad told us they needed to go home.

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The sex (that we all read these stories for) is here, but it doesn't occur immediately, since I believe that a long, slow, teasing build-up makes the eventual climax so much more satisfying.

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